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Our company has many projects with this Directorate is the most important of these projects:-

  1. PBX Systems: Our company won the project of supply PBX (NEC) for headquarters, in addition to the supply of 15 PBX for substations.
  2. CCTV Systems: Our company has the supply of large numbers of CCTV (CamScan) to the Directorate in the past years.
  3. Wireless Link: The company carried out a project of the wireless link between headquarters and stores Directorate, in order to provide service (communications, surveillance, data transfer, and control).
  4. Fire Alarm Equipment: The company signed a contract to supply Fire Alarm Equipment (C-TEC), to 85 substation and sub directorate.
  5. Internet Service: Our company has provided the Internet service through (VSAT) to sites of directorate in (Baghdad, Waset, Anbar, Diyala).
  6. Network Equipment: Supply large quantities of network equipment (Communications, CCTV, Fire Alarm, LAN Network).
  7. Supply CISCO equipment: (Switches, Firewall, Router).