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Access Point
Access Point
IP DECT Phone 1
Smart DECT
IP DECT Phone 2
IP DECT Phone 3

Business Mobility IP DECT provides wireless telephony by combining the advantages of IP technology and with the quality and functionality provided by the reliable DECT technology . IP DECT is developed for an optimal user experience:

  • High quality audio
  • Range of hand sets for optimal mobility, flexibility and use, portable across sites
  • Access to the main system features, company directory and presence information to improve productivity
  • Reliable, secure and proven technology, unique handset identification and voice encryption
  • Access Point AP 300: Scalable from 1 to 48 Access Points and even beyond, with seamless handover
  • Wide range of handsets for all user types and environments and can be used in different locations
  • Powerful text messaging and alarms, enable quicker responses
  • Future-proof investment - uses ‘open standards’ such as the open messaging interface, SIP technology and standard and secure GAP compatibility
  • Optional Bluetooth and memory card for phone books


for more informations download the pdf file below